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Creating engaging, interactive and consistent experiences that solve problems and communicate clearly on all devices.

web design and development

My websites are designed and built bespoke and from the ground up. I don't use themes. Everything is designed, crafted and built especially for the project. I work with modern content management systems, on my own hosting platform to keep my workflow as seamless as possible, with quicker turnaround times and in most cases, more cost effective for the client.

I start every project with a thorough design and high-fidelity prototype which allows us to study the effectiveness of the design and make quick, iterative decisions that will guarantee the best possible fully developed website experience.

Responsive website design and development
Strategy and approach

Information architecture

The base of any successful website is a solid IA (information architecture) and its strategy, laying the groundwork for an intuitive, effective and consistent website. I can perform an audit of existing content, as well as create a brand new information architecture with thorough research into your website goals and users.

Customised for your needs

Content Management Systems

Utilising content management systems like Craft CMS and Wordpress, the websites I build can be as simple or complex as they need to be. I design and build in a modular approach where every element is considered as its own entity, but also part of the site as a whole, so elements can be combined to create harder working, versatile content

Training is always provided so you will sign off on a user centered, modular website to access and update effortlessly.

CLS Holdings responsive website design

Web hosting and domains

I am an expert at implementing content management systems like Craft CMS and Wordpress, giving my clients complete control over their content and a flexible, modular website to access and update effortlessly.

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Website design
and development

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